Habey Intros PPC-6512 : Rugged Touch Screen All-in-One PC

habey ppc-6512 touchscreen pc

habey ppc-6512 touchscreen pc

Habey has just announced another of its cool creations, the PPC-6512, which is a touch screen All-In-One computer having a 12-inch display and powered by the famous Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz processor. The Habey PPC-6512 computer has a VGA-out as well as HDMI-out ports which lets you connect these to larger displays as shown in the video demo below. As per provided info, the new Habey PPC-6512 computer will run on Windows XP/7/POS, Linux etc plus custom UI from the manufacturer. The Habey PPC-6512 all-in-on touch screen computer is capable of displaying Full HD videos with the help of Nvidia ION GT218 graphics adopter. Located at the top is a 1.3 mega pixel camera which allows you to make videos calls. This touch screen computer consumes less than 30 watts of power which is amazing. Price and exact availability date have still not been revealed.

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