Google Offers Subscription-Only Policy For All Chromebooks

Google Chromebook

Few months back Google introduced Chromebooks for enterprise and education which opened a new chapter in the field of mobile computing. Now to make its access easy for its customers Google wants to try something different i.e. the Subscription-Only policy which might be introduced first time. According to this policy the students and business class people can get the Chromebook with a choice to pay upfront with one year of access to the web-based admin management console, phone support, and hardware warranty coverage. After that one year span customers can choose to pay a monthly fee for the next two years for management console access and support.  This offer sounds quite appealing for the Google fans that are planning to buy their respective Chromebook.  The scheduled price plan will be like this:

Google Chromebook

For Education:

  • 1-Year Upfront: $449 (Wi-Fi), $519 (3G)
  • Years 2-3: $5/month per Chromebook for management & support

For Business:

  • 1-Year Upfront: $559 (Wi-Fi), $639 (3G)
  • Years 2-3: $13/month per Chromebook for management & support

Google has not only introduced the improved payment method it also bring some new features to the device as said by the Glenn Wilson, Product Manager

We have also added a few new features to the web-based management panel to help customers better deploy, monitor and customize their Chromebooks, including group policy management, shipment tracking and asset management.”

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