GammaTech S15C Durabook – Rugged 15.6” Notebook

GammaTech S15C Durabook rugged notebook

The GammaTech S15C Durabook is an ultimate 15.6 inch rugged notebook that has been built with magnesium alloy case which is 20 times stronger than the usually used ABS plastic. The best part about the S15C Durabook is that it measures almost the same as any other non-rugged notebook. The GammaTech rugged notebook also features some impressive set of specifications that have been highlighted below.

GammaTech S15C Durabook rugged notebook

As already mentioned above, the GammaTech S15C Durabook has a 15.6 inch display which is bound by anti-shock mounting technology which helps in preventing the LCD from accidental damages. The HDD drive in this rugged notebook has a flexible HDD cable that is supposed to absorb all the shocks. GammaTech S15C Durabook is tested to Mil- Standard 810G drop and shock resistance.

Features include Intel Core Processor i5 or i7, 2 x dual-channel DDR3 RAM slots, optical drive, 3 x USB ports, 1 x serial port, LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR etc. Customers will also be able to customize their rugged notebook as far as internal specifications are concerned. The S15C Durabook is now available and price has not been revealed to public yet.

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