Flip Plus Twist Phone Concept with Triple-Displays

Triple-Displays Phone

Instead of having multiple devices in your hands like phone, laptop and e-book while traveling seems bulky and eliminates the need of individual portable devices rather than each has its own importance, but if you have a device which can do work of all these objects then it could be one of your handy device that makes you easy and free while moving. Kristian Ulrich Larsen has presented the same concept design of amazing device with triple-displays.

Triple-Displays Phone

The triple-displays device can flip and rotate and in each position it works differently, all the possible angles are shown in the picture that can convert the device into phone, laptop or e-book reader.

The so called triple-displays phone will be designed to run on Android Operating System with Super AMOLED display and obviously will has a full QWERTY keyboard that makes it look like notebook. So let’s wait till the concept will be transformed into the real device until then watch this dreamy video.

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