Fang III : Gaming PC by CyberPower Announced

Fang III Gaming PC

Fang III Gaming PC

CyberPower has announced another line of gaming desktop computers, the Fang III. The CyberPower Fang III line consists of four models such as Rattler, Viper, Cobra and Black Mamba. The new Fang III gaming computers are powered by Intel 2nd generation Extreme Core I processors along with Intel dual channel support chipset as well as quad channel memory. Other main features of the CyberPower Fang III gaming PC includes PCIe 3.0 motherboard, hybrid liquid cooling system, Venom Boost overclocking and a very stylish gaming chassis.

The starting price of the CyberPower Fang III gaming computer is $999 for the Rattler model which can go all the way up to $4999 for the top of the line Black Mamba model.


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