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Dual HDD SSD Docking Station : CVTK-K181

CVTK-K181 USB Dual HDD SSD Docking Station

You might not have seen anything like this before, it is a dual HDD/SSD docking station that can also be used for other purposes. The CVTK-K181 is a USB 2.0 HDD/SSD docking station that also offers a one-touch drive copy function without the need of a computer. The good thing about the CVTK-K181 docking station is that it can support both 2.5” and 3.5” SATA HDDs/SSDs. The device can be connected to a computer via mini USB to eSATA cable that comes with it.

For those interested in acquiring the CVTK-K181 USB 2.0 Dual HDD/SSD docking station they just need to spare about $15.20 and this is as cheap as it can get.


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