Dell Unleashes Dell XPS Laptop Series With WiMax and TV-tuner Features

Dell XPS Laptops

With the announcement of three new Dell XPS Laptops, Dell has made it pretty clear that it is not going to make it a piece of cake for its competitors. The three new Dell XPS Laptops include 14”, 15” and a 17” Laptop, all supporting WiMax connectivity and have integrated TV-tuner capabilities to tune into your favorite TV channels without leaving your Dell XPS Laptop.

Dell XPS Laptops
Dell XPS laptops are powered by of course Intel Core processors from Intel Core i5 460M CPU to the Intel Core i7 840M quad-core. The XPS Laptops have an option to have the nVIDIA GeForce GT 445M with 3GB of memory for providing smooth multimedia experience such as gaming, media editing etc. The default GPU is the nVIDIA GeForce GT 420M with 2GB memory. Dell XPS Laptops have 500GB of hard drive and 4GB of RAM. Other features include a 2 mega pixel webcam, support for USB 3.0 devices, Bluetooth 3.0 etc. Others ports include an eSATA and HDMI. No information on the optical drive was revealed but we have a feeling that it is going to be a Blu-ray drive.

All the three Dell XPS Laptops are slightly on the heavy side in both specifications and actual weight. The 17” Dell XPS weighs up to 7.57 lbs. Prices of Dell XPS Laptops are $899, $849 and $949 for the 14”, 15” and 17” Laptop respectively.

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