Dell Introduces Inspiron R Series Laptop

Dell Laptops

Yesterday Dell has released its latest laptops the Inspiron R Series to keep families organized and entertained as it is designed with all the advanced multimedia features for smooth play back for videos, built-in webcam and high definition resolution for display.

Dell Laptops
The main features of this special Inspiron R series include:

• Two processor options Intel Core i3 and i5
• Intel Wireless Display for most HDTVs
• 1GB ATi graphics
• 640GB* hard disk drives
• 8GB* DDR3 memory

As far as appearance of this Inspiron R series are concerned it is available in three different display sizes including 14”, 15” and 17” and also the laptops come with variety of colors of Mars Black, Peacock Blue, Tomato Red and Lotus Pink. To get early hands on these you better look for laptop deals for the Dell Inspiron R series and experience the performance of new Intel core processors..

In addition with these design features the series comes with pre-installed Microsoft Office 2010 and has built in Dell Dock which saves time while searching files, photos and videos and hence it is suitable for youngsters to do their school or college work. Dell has introduced the Inspiron R series with initial price of $449 which you can buy from Dell website.

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