Dell 10 Inch Android Tablet Releasing This Summer

Dell 10 inch Tablet Android

This year CES show, Dell announced a 10 inch Dell Tablet which they had promised to release in 2012 but it seems like though, the Dell 10 inch Tablet will be releasing somewhere in June this year. The 10 inch Tablet will of course be running Android OS. Continue reading below to learn more about the new 10 inch Dell Tablet.

Dell 10 inch Tablet Android

Remember that Dell already has Dell Streak with both 5 inch and a 7 inch version, both running Android OS. This new 10 inch Dell tablet is still kept behind the curtains and not much information regarding its features and specifications have been released but we have a feeling that it might pack a dual-core processor along with some other nifty features. We might as well see it running Android 2.3 or even Android 3.0 but nothing can be said for sure as only time will reveal more about it 10” Dell Android Tablet.

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