DeathTaker : Gaming Mouse For RTS and MMO Games

DeathTaker gaming mouse

DeathTaker gaming mouse

The name of the new gaming mouse from Genius is DeathTaker and it is supposed to be a gaming mouse designed specifically for RTS as well as MMO games. This design is not entirely new for a gaming mouse as we have seem similar sort of designs in the past popping from time to time. What is interesting about DeathTaker gaming mouse is that the user has the option to adjust from 100 to 5700 dpi according to their gaming needs. The DeathTaker gaming mouse has a total of 9 different buttons scattered all around and with up to 160K RGB backlight colors, user can customize their gaming mouse the way they like. It has 1.8 meters long USB cable with gold-plated connections.

For those interested, the Genius DeathTaker gaming mouse is available for about $79.90 only.


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