Cinema Entertainment MSI FR600 3D Notebook

MSI FR600 Notebook

It is for the first time that MSI has introduced a 3D multimedia laptop with cinema features, the laptop named as FR600 3D Multimedia Notebook. Its graphics quality is almost equivalent to any HD screen on which you can enjoy watching videos, photos, playing video games, etc.

MSI FR600 Notebook

The body of FR600 3D multimedia notebook is designed with silver and black contrast which looks elegant. The key design features includes:

  • Intel’s powerful Core i5 processor
  • MSI’s own TDE technology
  • THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap
  • Polarized 3D graphics
  • HD720p webcam
  • DDR3-1333MHz up to 8GB
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • 15.6” LED display

As far as the performance of FR600 3D multimedia notebook is concerned, MSI Turbo Drive Engine technology is used in the design along with Intel Core i5 processor for high speed data processing. While its multimedia effects is because of cinema pro technology and THX smart wrap around sound which produces the sound same effects as you watching movie in the theater and its produces real graphic effects in photos and videos just due to polarized 3D graphics. Below given a video of this FR600 Notebook in German which clearly showing its appearance and physical features.

Though the sufficient information about this FR600 3D multimedia notebook is revealed by the MSI but its price and availability has still not been announced.

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