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Cheapest 7 Inch Android Tablet – Maylong M-150 Universe Tablet PC

Maylong M-150 is the cheapest Android tablet you can get with a sufficient enough 7-inch (diagonal) touch screen. Not much information can be found about the Maylong tablet other than the fact that it has the same Google Android OS along with full internet browsing capability. The picture suggests that Maylong M-150 has Wi-Fi support along with access to Android store. There is no integrated camera in this Android tablet.

Maylong M 150 Universe Tablet
Other features of the Maylong M-150 include e-Book reader, multimedia player, emails, YouTube etc. This cheap tablet can also be used as a digital photo frame and is available at Walgreens store for $99.99 only along with FREE shipping. So those of you who want to get their hands dirty with a cheap Android tablet, the Maylong M-150 is the right choice.  Go ahead and find out all the specifications for Maylong M-150 universe Android tablet. Not much information was available on this device at the time of writing.