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Buffalo Power Save MiniStation 1TB External Hard Drive

Buffalow POwer Save 1TB MiniStation Hard Drive

Buffalo now become active in these days by releasing computer related accessories frequently. This time ts an external harddrive which is new addition to its MiniStation lineup the drive is codenamed HD-PCT1TU2-BWJ with a capacity up to 1TB. The size of the drive measures 2.5-inch which is pretty smart like its MiniStation predecessors but comes with additional feature of Power Save Mode.

The Buffalo 1TB MiniStation with USB 2.0 connection interface reduces battery consumption up to 20% by enabling Power Save Mode. While the data transfer rate is limited to 480 Mbps due to USB 2.0 support only. The drive will be first released in Japan next month at price of 16,800 Yen (about $215).

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