Buffalo HD-PZU3 USB 3.0 Portable hard Drive Makes Debut

Buffalo HD-PZU3 USB 3.0 HDD

Buffalo HD-PZU3 USB 3.0 HDD

USB 3.0 hard drives are becoming quite common as we see more devices being released with USB 3.0 interface that is why Buffalo has just announced its new USB 3.0 hard drive, the Buffalo HD-PZU3 which will be made available in 500GB and 1TB capacities. The Buffalo HD-PZU3 is a Portable USB 3.0 hard drive with military MIL-STD-810F standard for impact resistance and is housed in a silicon rubber case. For securely carrying your important data, the HD-PZU3 hard drive has a built-in 265-bit AES hardware protection encryption.

The new Buffalo HD-PZU3 USB 3.0 Portable hard drive comes in deep red, indigo black and dark silver colors with price of $200 and $255 for 500GB and 1TB models respectively.


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