Best iPad Case With Keyboard

Best iPad Case With Keyboard

Best iPad Case With Keyboard
Mobile device case is one of the most important accessories that every mobile device user needs. This accessory not only provides safety for the device but also ensures comfort and ease while working on tablets, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, etc. There are different styles of mobile cases and docks are available, but this article is about the Best iPad Case with Keyboard – ZAGG PROfolio+.


This best iPad Case by ZAGG is designed for all the versions including 2, 3 and 4th generation iPad. It is rated as best iPad case because it comes with:

  • Leather-textured covering
  • Magnetic closure to fix the iPad
  • Ultra thin and lightweight body

All these design features ensure the safety of your iPad, so that you can easily keep it while travelling. It also provides optimum viewing angle as the case forms a stand at the back when the iPad placed vertically.


Now come to its main unit – Keyboard; it is designed in a spacious way with island style keys so that you may feel like working on your laptop. The ZAGG PROfolio+ iPad case with keyboard also comes with the special function keys to perform functions directly. The keyboard connects with the iPad via Bluetooth, therefore, you will have to first pair it with your iPad to establish connection. Moreover, the backlit of keyboard comprises of seven different background colors of light so that you can choose your desired one to get maximum exposure in the low light.


ZAGG best iPad case with keyboard comes with a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 2 hours a day for a single charge. This lithium polymer battery life is claimed to be last for several months on regular use. A micro USB port is present at the side of the keyboard to charge the battery via micro USB cable.

Where To Buy?

This is one of the best iPad case with keyboard that is necessary for those iPad users who mostly use to do official work on the go. Therefore, if you are convinced with the features of this ZAGG PROfolio+ iPad case then you can order it right now from Amazon at discount rate with Free Shipping.

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