AUO Unveils Solar Powered Touch Keyboard For Notebooks

AUO Solar touch keyboard notebooks

As Logitech announced its first ever solar wireless keyboard, AUO (AU Optronics) has also come with a solar powered keyboard for notebooks but with one difference, it is a solar powered touch keyboard designed specifically for notebooks. The AUO solar touch keyboard is expected to reduce power consumption up to 20% and thus allowing your notebook battery more backup time than usual.

AUO Solar touch keyboard notebooks

As seen in the picture above, the AUO solar touch keyboard has solar panel on the entire keyboard area plus it has another solar panel on top of notebook lid which enables notebook users to make the most of available lighting around them. The solar touch keyboard measures 14-inches and is able to receive its solar power from natural sun light as well as artificial indoor and outdoor lights. More information on these solar + touch keyboards will become available as these are going to be displayed on Nov 10 2010 in an exhibition being held in Chiba, Japan.

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