ASUS WX-DL – Touch Sensitive Optical Mouse Unveiled

ASUS WX-DL – Touch Sensitive Optical Mouse Unveiled

If you think that ASUS is the first one to announce the touch sensitive optical mouse then you better know that Microsoft also has a history of experimenting with different mouse designs, one of which was the Microsoft’s Arc Mouse. Another attempt was the Apple’s multi-touch Magic mouse that has a slightly better design but did not perform well in hands and now ASUS WX-DL is another touch sensitive optical mouse that comes in round shape.

ASUS WX-DL Touch Optical Mouse

The new ASUS WX-DL touch sensitive optical mouse is a round wireless mouse that communicates at 2.4GHz frequency with its receiver which of course comes with this mouse. No need to move your hand as your fingers will now be doing the trick with new WX-DL laser mouse. The new ASUS touch mouse has 1200 dpi. This mouse only measures 80(L) x 80(W) x 31.5(H) mm and weighs 62 g. The ASUS WX-DL mouse also has dedicated multimedia control buttons as indicated in the picture above. This touch mouse has a price tag of $80.

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