ASUS Tablets For Christmas 2010 and Year 2011

ASUS has finally decided that it’s about time they should dive into the market of tablets. According to the president of ASUS, Jerry Shen, we would be seeing at least six ASUS tablets featuring 7”, 10” and 12” screen sizes starting from Dec 2010. It also looks like that ASUS thinks that when it comes to tablet screen sizes, the bigger it is, the better it would be for consumers and that is why ASUS is aiming to mass produce the 12” tablet which would start appearing in stores in Jan 2011.

ASUS plans to launch two 7 inch tablets and two 10 inch tablets in Mar 2011. One of the 7” ASUS tablet will have Wi-Fi capability while the other one will support 3.5G connectivity along with phone functionality. The 10” ASUS Tablets will have ARM-based nVIDIA Tegra 2 platform with Google Android OS and the Wintel platform. We will just have to wait and see what other interesting features would be supported by those new ASUS tablets. Actual price and exact availability dates of these tablets are yet to be revealed.

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