ASUS Eee Pads Photos Leaked Before CES 2011

asus Eee pad

Upcoming ASUS Eee Pads photos are leaked before the official photo shoots which are going to be held at CES 2011. The leaked photos are giving some clues of the design and performance of these Eee Pads; these features are slightly different from the previous news about the Eee Pads.

asus Eee pad

It is seen from the photos that one of the Eee Pad may has a full QWERTY Keyboard and the other has slide out keyboard. The display will be either 10-inch for both Eee Pads or they might be available in 12-inch size but most probably they will be available in 10-inch screen size.

asus Eee pad 1

As far as the performance and operating system is concerned, it is expected that one of the Eee Pad is based on Windows Phone 7 Home Premium operating system and the other is powdered by Android 2.2. The Windows 7 tablet will run on Intel’s Atom technology and the Android tablet will run on NVIDIA‘s Tegra 2 platform.

asus Eee pad 2

These are all hypothesis which are based on the leaked photos and the rumors that are circulating for few months, for real and original features you will have to wait for the coming CES 2011 where ASUS finally reveals the truth about its Eee Pads.

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