ASUS Chromebox Starts at $179 Supports 4K Display

ASUS Chromebox

ASUS Chromebox

ASUS has just revealed its recent creation, the ASUS Chromebox. The ASUS Chromebox is a mini PC running Chrome OS. The same Chrome OS that is found in Chromebooks can now be experienced in desktop environment with super fast boot times which is usually just a few seconds.

Not a lot of information is revealed for the ASUS Chromebox other than the fact that it will be powered by Intel 4th generation processor and will support 4K playback. It will have USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, Ethernet, SD card reader, HDMI, DisplayPort, 3.5mm combo sound jack etc.

The ASUS Chromebox is very light weight and has a very small form factor. It has a starting price of $179 and will start shipping in Mar 2014. Now available through Amazon at much lower price, see details.

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