Archos G10 XS Tablet Paper Thin Steel Body



Archos has announced a new G10 XS android tablet which is claimed to be the “Paper-thin” tablet as its body is designed with steel instead of aluminum. The figures shows that the tablet measures 7.6 mm thin which is comparatively far more thinner than the new iPad thickness of about 9.39 mm.

Archos hasn’t revealed much about the tablet except its design and the keyboard dock which comes with the Archos G10 XS tablet. This addition makes its competitive against the ASUS Transformer Prime. Another feature of its body design is its outer covering that protects it from surroundings when you don’t want to use it. As far as operating system is concerned Archos promised to bring it with Android 4.0 at price of around 200 to 300 Euro which depends upon the model. Watch out the demo video below which clearly shows its design.

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