Apple Rolling Out New iMac This Week

new imac 2011

Now Apple has finally decided to release the refresh version of its all-in-one computer, the new iMac PC featuring Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor and Thunderbolt support. The news came from AppleInsider which said that the new iMac will be rolled out on 3rd May 2011 followed by the immediate announcement by the Apple.

new imac 2011

The new iMac is designed with HD screen which eliminates the need of another digital display to view movie or something else, it will alone provide you the vision which you want to see on your HD screens.
Though the new version of iMac is coming but the point to think is that weather Mac User prefers to buy it or just upgrade their older Mac system or may leave as it is? Because as far as processor is concerned there was some flaw in the early sandy bridge processors which has now been removed. On the other hand the new Thunderbolt port would not make appealing for the user as online backups are available for almost no price.

Let’s wait for hours to see the new iMac in action, then we would be able to rank it.

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