Apple iPad 2 everything Revealed with Hands-on Video


Apple has unveiled all the specs, price and launch date of the latest iPad 2 which will be made in competition with the Motorola Xoom and related tablets and is expected that the new iPad 2 will grab the mobile market as the first iPad model did. It will be available in the Canadian market on 25th March at price of $499 for 16GB WiFi version and $829 for 64GB 3G model.


The iPad 2 is presented as a new tablet from Apple few days ago which is computing nine times faster and its graphics processor is two times faster than the original iPad. So you can imagine how fast it could be for playing videos and movies. The basic hardware features are:

  • Samsung A5 dual core CPU
  • Front camera for capturing video with VGA technology
  • Back camera to record high-quality HD (720p)
  • HDMI support

The iPad is made slim and is thinner than its previous version and even with iPhone 4 hence become a perfect stylish mobile device on the go. The tablet is made with lots of useful applications including Air Play for sharing media, iMovie for editing video, and FaceTime for video conferencing. Last but not least its new magnetic smart cover which is one of its coolest parts, in the hand-on video given below you can see the purpose of the smart cover.

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