AOC Breeze Tablet – 8 Inch Android Tablet Under $200

Cheap AOC Breeze Android Tablet

Year 2010 was the year of tablets and we saw all kinds of Android, Windows and other platform tablets from various manufacturers. We have a feeling that year 2011 is also not going to be much different since more and more tablets are scheduled for a debut so we might also be seeing a fall in price and rise in additional features and functionality. We saw the cheapest Maylong M-150 Android tablet and now this is going to be AOC with their latest Android powered Tablet, the AOC Breeze tablet with an 8” touch screen.

Cheap AOC Breeze Android Tablet
For those tablet lovers who want to get the taste of at least Android 2.1 but think that even the Archos 70 Android tablet with over $250 price tag is not cheap, they can get ready to put their hands on this cheap 8 Inch Android tablet, the AOC Breeze. This tablet has Android 2.1 OS and is powered by Rockchip processor. The battery life is up to 12 hours. Other features of AOC Breeze tablet include 4GB of internal memory plus a microSD card slot, 8” touch screen with 800 x600 resolution, Wi-Fi, built-in speaker, microphone etc.

The AOC Breeze Cheap 8 inch Android tablet will be available for $200 and is expected to be available in stores in Q1 2011.

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