AMD Revealed Next Generation Radeon HD-700M Series GPUs



AMD recently unveiled its next generation Radeon HD-700M Series GPUs for ultrabooks and laptops. The series basically belongs to third generation of DirectX 11 mobile chips consists of three 28nm GPUs; the high-end 7900M, the mainstream 7800M and the low-end 7700M.

The classes assigned for these three GPUs are based on their performance and dedicated devices for which they are designed for. For instance; the high-end 7900M is designed for desktop replacements and gaming laptops to enjoy excellent gaming and graphics performance. While on the other hand; the rest of the two are designed for such class who don’t bother with the GPU performance except the battery life; so these two are basically built for long battery performance.

If you look at the common features of the three GPUs you will find that they are sporting :

  • 28nm process
  • new Enduro technology
  • Automatic switching from integrated to discrete GPUs

The third one is the major advantage of AMD GPUs which follow power gating function in which those parts are automatically shut down when they are not doing any task and also the ZeroCore allows the GPU to enter an almost zero watt idle power state when not in use. So its high-end GPU also possess the efficient power management system along with discrete graphics quality. The price and launch details of the AMD Radeon HD-700M GPUS will be available soon.


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