Alleged iPad Pro Case Give Some Hint About The iPad Pro Design

Alleged iPad Pro Case

Alleged iPad Pro Case

After giving you, idea about the best iPad Air 2 Cases, here we also want to give you update about the Alleged iPad Pro Case that was revealed few days ago. Although the features of iPad Pro yet to be revealed but the photos of Alleged iPad Pro give some clues about the upcoming iPad Pro. The revealed photos on a site showed that the case is 307mm high and 222mm wide whereas, the expected thickness of the iPad Pro will be in between 6.8mm to 7.2mm.

As far as the display size is concerned, it is expected that the iPad Pro will have 12.9-inch display and is more than a tablet. The device would have features closely matches with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tab. Moreover, according to the sources, the upcoming model of iPad will have Lightning connector and USB-C connector and a keyboard.

Whatsoever, these are not the officially released features of iPad Pro but just an estimation which have been quoted according to the released Alleged iPad Pro case.

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