Affordable 8.9-inch Full HD Windows 8.1 Tablet : Onda V891w

Onda v891w tablet

Onda v891w tabletbuy now

If you are looking for a low budget and affordable Windows 8.1 tablet that will not be too harsh on your pocket while having decent specifications to run the latest apps then Onda V891w tablet is your answer with a price tag just under $160, this will turn out to be your everyday Windows tablet.

Starting from the display of this tablet, the Onda V891w has a 8.9-inch Full HD retina display with 1980 x 1200 pixel resolution. This affordable Windows tablet has capacitive touchscreen display with up to 10- point multi-touch detection. Due to retina display, this tablet has very good viewing angles of 178°.

This low cost Windows tablet is powered by Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735F quad core processor with up to 1.83GHz burst speed. The tablet has 2GB of DDR3 RAM as opposed to just 1GB RAM found in over-priced Windows tablets. The tablet also has 32GB of eMMC flash storage which is quite a lot of memory plus you can also utilize the microSD card slot to add to the storage.

As far as gaming is concerned, the Onda V891w tablet packs quite a punch for its price tag. It has Intel HD graphics with burst speeds up to 646MHz allowing the user to play plenty of games on it that you can play on a mid-range PC. Plus the Intel HD Graphics also enhance the multimedia experience of this windows tablet.

This Windows 8.1 tablet also has dual cameras. The front facing camera is 2.0MP while the rear facing camera is 5.0MP which can be used to take HD quality snaps and videos.

The Onda V891w tablet has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, gravity sensor, micro USB port, 3.5mm audio jack etc. The battery on this device is 5000mAh which roughly gives you about 5 hours of battery time and a little more depending upon the type of apps running.

Our final thought about it after going through all the specifications and functionality of the Onda V891w tablet is that for the price and features offered for the given quality, this is simply a no-brainer bargain and if you want a very responsive and smoother performance Windows tablet for a very affordable price then you will not be disappointed with this Onda tablet.

You can check out the current price and availability of this Onda V891w tablet at Aliexpress (details here).

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