Acer Unveils 10.1” Windows 7 Tablet

Acer Windows 7 tablet

Acer has just revealed its new 10.1” tablet featuring Windows 7. Just after LG released a 10.1” Windows 7 tablet in Korea, Acer also made it clear that it will not be left behind and the result is this 10.1 inch Windows 7 tablet which is powered by AMD processor and sports pretty decent set of hardware.

Acer Windows 7 tablet

Acer tablet will be unlike other Windows 7 tablets in terms of price, we hope so. The tablet features a large 10.1” touch screen and sports dual camera (one front facing and one rear facing). The Acer tablet weighs around 2.2 lbs and is just 0.6 inch thick which is a decently compact design for a 10 inch tablet. The Acer Windows 7 tablet supports both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Not much information has yet been revealed but we have a feeling that this Windows tablet will be showcased in CES 2011 and then we will have a better glimpse at the hardware as well as price and availability.

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