Acer Iconia Dual-Screen Notebook Tablet To Be Sold At $2000

Acer Iconia dual screen laptop

If you assume that dual-screen is better then you are damn right, at least it is a lot better in terms of price. Acer announced about its dual-screen Laptop in Nov 2010, the Acer Iconia and now sources have revealed that it is not far when we would see these dual screen laptop tablets being used by consumers. The price of Acer Iconia is a whopping EURO 1499 or roughly $1987 which is almost twice that of the previously released Toshiba Libretto W100, which is also a dual screen laptop but with screen size almost half of the Acer Iconia.

Acer Iconia dual screen laptop

Acer Iconia is far better in appearance and specifications than any other dual-screen laptop tablet announced to date. It is powered by the latest Intel Core i5 processor and sports 14” dual-screen which caught our attention instantly (video below). Other features of the dual-screen Acer Iconia include up to 4GB RAM, USB 3.0 support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, up to 750GB HDD etc. Acer Iconia will be made available in Spain by the end of Jan 2011 and will soon start popping in other regions worldwide.

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