Acer Aspire ME And XC Series Desktops Revealed



Acer recently revealed its two different series of desktops ME and XC based on power-save and space-saving design criterias. Acer has used Windows 8 as its operating system for the two new series. Though desktops market are not much gaining remarkable attention from customers so manufacturers want to bring something new to their desktop families to remain alive, thus acer tried to do the same.

As far as Acer Aspire ME series desktops are concerned, they are designed as micro towers which are made for those desiring a power-packed workhorse with ample room for upgrades. The main hardware features include :

  • Intel’s Core i7 or Core i5 processors
  • 2TB HDDs and up to 10GB of RAM (expandable up to 16GB)
  • two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a handy cable management and a headphone jack

The ports and connections mentioned above are located on a recess desk of its new chassis design. It will be very helpful for charging your smartphones and cameras as it has non-slip surface for charging

On the other hand Acer Aspire XC desktops are particularly designed for those who want space saving systems, so Acer XC series with small form factor are best suited for them. While looking at its specs you will find :

  • Intel® Core™ i3 2130 processor
  • 1TB(1) hard drive and 6GB RAM
  • HDMI, and 8 USB 2.0 ports

Both of the Acer new desktop series are made with ergonomic design and innovative features that provide all the essentials for personal productivity and digital entertainment as mentioned in the press release. Acer will offer these desktops for sale at all main retailers in US on 26th October at price of $649.99 for ME micro towers and $399.99 for XC series desktops with one year warranty.

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