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A $25 Computer For Children by Raspberry Pi Foundation

The title says it all. Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK based non-profit organization that has come up with a super cheap $25 computer idea which does not seem to be far from reality. The picture shown below is pretty much the $25 computer you are looking at. Just connect it with keyboard, mouse and LCD monitor and you have a super economical computer that can be utilized my millions of children in both developed and underdeveloped countries. More details about the $25 computer can be found below.

$25 computer Raspberry Pi Foundation
$25 computer

According to the details released by Raspberry Pi Foundation, this $25 computer will be powered by a 700Mz ARM11 processor and has 128GB SDRAM, OpenGL ES 2.0, 1080p HD video playback capability, UDMI-out, USB 2.0, SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slot, general purpose I/O, Open software such as Ubuntu, Python, Iceweasel, KOffice etc. BTW, the photo above shows it running Ubuntu 9.04 OS.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation $25 computer is no longer than a USB flash drive. This is designed for educating children more efficiently and effectively. These are expected to be released in the coming months and the price will remain at a very low $25 only.