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4-In-1 SATA External HDD Case By Logitech

Logitech External HDD Case

Now come to some other computer accessories which matters a lot when point comes to all-in-one setup. Here it is a external HDD case by Logitech which holds up to 4 eSATA hard drives at a time. Though device spaces a bit more but it is assembled with lots of important feature which eliminates the necessity of connecting other devices.

The Logitech LHR-4BNEU3 is an eSATA case which is equipped with a USB 3.0 connection interface, an eSATA port and can house up to four 3.5-inch SATA HDDs. It is made compatible to both PCs and Mac systems. It also comes with Kensington lock which measures 3mm × 7mm in which you can connect anti-theft wire for security purpose. The Logitech LHR-4BNEU3 will be start shipping by the end of December in Japan only at price of 12,800 Yen (about $164).

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