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3 Minute Rechargeable Wireless Mouse From Genius

Genius Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Genius always try to bring smart computer accessories that could be beneficial in all respect, hence why Genius revealed a battery-less wireless mouse named as DX-ECO. The mouse is made ECO friendly and can be charged in just 3 minutes which is certainly surprising.As many of the rechargeable accessories takes enough time to fully recharge but surprisingle this is not the case with DX-ECO, just because of built-in Gold Capacitor which helps in quick charging. while other features of the new GEnius wireless mouse including:

  • 15 meters working range at 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • BlueEye optical technology
  • Hot keys for
  • Accessing Previous/Next Page
  • Flying Scroll
  • Adjusting dpi between 800 and 1600 dpi
  • Rubber Comfort and Thumb grip
  • The Genius DX-ECO is available at price of $39.99.

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