Xiaomi Intros GoPro Style Action Camera For $64 Only

xiaomi action camera

xiaomi action camera

We see all kinds of action cameras with GoPro series being quite popular among outdoorsy kinds but if you think that you need better for even less, the Xiaomi brings you one as well. Xiaomi has just announced its new and GoPro like action camera which actually looks at lot better than the GoPro action camera on paper.

The Xiaomi action camera as a 16MP image sensor that can shoot 1080p videos at 60 fps which is twice as much as GoPro can handle. It also offers various other shooting modes with different resolutions and fps settings. It even has 720p at 120fps for ultra high speed sports shooting.

The Xiaomi action camera can go as deep as up to 40m underwater which is ideal for underwater photography specially by scuba divers, free divers, snorkelers and spearfishing folks which want to record each and every action underwater. It does support up to 64GB of microSD storage.

Currently the Xiaomi action camera is set to ship within China but soon it will start shipping worldwide at an approximate retail price of $64 only.

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