WikiCam Mini USB Video Camera

The term “Point and Shoot” perfectly applies to this mini video camera. If you ever got confused on those extra buttons on your video camera then chances are you only need the ones that you only use the most. This WikiCam USB video camera is the simplest camera around with the minimum number of controlling.

WikiCam Mini Video Camera

The WikiCam is a mini video camera with all the necessary capabilities and features of a digital camcorder. About the size of a cell phone it only measures 11 x 5 x 2cm and weighs only 300g. It fits in nicely in pockets as it does not take much space. The USB video camera has the ability to record directly on to a memory card. It can support up to 2 GB of external memory.

The Wikicam point and shoot digital camcorder can record videos at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 which is just about the perfect size if you want to share your videos on the web on those video sharing sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe etc. Because the recorded videos do not have large file sizes, uploading and sharing it on the web is a snap.

Mini USB Video Camera

The mini video camera records videos at an acceptable 30 frames per second and you can view the live recording via its 2.0 inch TFT LCD screen. On its top lies a flip out USB connector for transferring your videos to PC or laptop. The recorded file format is MPEG4 and due to its simplicity in design and use, it will also turn out to be a great gift as a first video camera for kids.

The Wikicam mini USB video camera only require 2 x AA batteries to operate and we rate it 7/10. We would have rated this mini camcorder higher if it supported large amount of external memory but for starter video recorders, 2 GB is also a lot of video memory.

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