The Otto : GIF Making Point and Shoot Camera

Otto GIF camera

Otto GIF camera

Up till now all we needed to make interesting GIFs was a software and some creativity but Otto is here now and with this unique point and shoot camera, one can make GIFs as if taking regular snaps.

The Otto is another Kickstarter project and quite interesting one as well. It does not take super high resolution photos or videos but it is pretty good in taking and making quality GIFs that would serve a variety of purposes and needs. It is fitted with 5MP image sensor and can even shoot 1080p HD videos at 30fps.

To say the least, the Otto is made with the help of the famous Raspberry Pi module and after it has done shooting the images, it can easily send to you your WiFi enabled devices over a WiFi network.

The Otto has plenty of editing and enhancement options built into its features so that when you transfer your GIFs from camera to your WiFi enabled device, the images are ready to be shared instantly.

When the Otto does start shipping, it will also not come cheap and starting price can be as much as $199.

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