Sony Cyber-Shot HX50V Camera with 30X Zoom

Sony HX50V Camera

Sony HX50V Camera

Sony just announced a new addition to the line of Cyber-Shot cameras, the Sony Cyber-Shot HX50V. The HX50V features a 30X optical zoom lens with a pocket size form factor. The Sony Cyber-Shot HX50V digital camera has a 20.4 mega pixel image sensor and Sony claims that the built-in processor does a great job in processing and saving photos on to external flash memory card.

The Sony Cyber-Shot HX50V also packs integrated GPS and WiFi connectivity that allows geo-tagging photos and also transferring photos to WiFi enabled devices such as smartphone, tablet etc. There are plenty of tweaking option within the camera so you can give a quick touch to your captured photos before sharing with others. The auto-focus on the Sony Cyber-Shot HX50V is quick and is claimed to be twice as fast as the precious version i.e. HX200V model.

For those interested, the new Sony Cyber-Shot HX50V camera cab be purchased at a price of about $450 only (see details) and it will start shipping in May 2013.


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