Smallest Camera Shipping For $99.95 Only

smallest camera-2MP

smallest camera-2MP

Given the shape of SLR camera but weighing just about 0.5 oz is the world’s smallest digital camera that can also record videos. This smallest camera has a 2.0 mega pixel image sensor which means that you can get 1600 x 1200 resolution pictures that are saved on this 2GB microSD card. You can also add up to 32GB of microSDHC card to this little camera. This small digital camera can also record 640 x 480 videos at 30 fps which is simple amazing for a camera of such small size. It has a one button operation for taking photos and videos and is charged via USB. It has a rechargeable battery that on full charge will allow you up to 30 minutes of operation. This smallest digital camera is available for about $99.95 only and because of such a small size can come in real handy for undetected video recording.


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