Sigma SD1 DSLR Camera With Wood Edition

Sigma SD1 DSLR Wood Edition

Hopefully most of the people know about the Sigma SD1 DSLR camera and some of them experienced the camera features too. But Now Sigma Corporation has added a unique addition to the camera – the Sigma SD1 Wood Edition which might introduce to make it entirely unique and different from other DSLRs.

Sigma SD1 DSLR Wood Edition

Sigma SD1 latest edition is built with a expensive and decorative coating of a special tree found in Southeast Asia. To give this material into camera body shape it took about 60 hours of work to complete, which includes cutting, milling and polishing, hence Sigma could build only 10 limited sets of this camera. This new Sigma SD1 edition is designed with the previous specs except 46MP 24x16mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor.

Due to its extremely innovative and expensive body design the price of Sigma SD1 Wood Edition would definitely be premium but Sigma has tried to set it price as smart as possible at $ 13,750.

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