Samsung Introduces Two New Pocket Shooter Cameras the PL20 and ES80

PL20 and ES80

Samsung has now revealed two point-and-shoot cameras named as PL20 and ES80. These are among the inexpensive compact cameras introduced by the Samsung with 5x zoom, sharp and clear image production, digital image stabilization and other high quality features.

PL20 and ES80

The stylish PL20 pocket shooter has a 14-megapixel sensor with 5x digital zoom, 27 mm wide angle and 720p HD video recording with 24 frames per second. The camera is build with Samsung’s innovative Smart Auto feature which automatically selects the best setting for the photographer to take good quality picture. AA batteries are replaced by the Li-ion rechargeable battery so that you can enjoy and have fun for long time.

Similarly the ES80 is also designed with high quality features including 12-megapixel sensor with 5x zoom and it is also build with the powerful internal charging system that don’t interrupt you while taking photo and camera will remain ON.

Both of these PL20 and ES80 point-and-shoot cameras are available in four stylish colors – Silver, Red, Pink and Black at price of $119 and $99 respectively.

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