Samsung HMX-F80 Camcorder Released For Korean Market

Samsung HD Compact Camcorder

Samsung HD Compact Camcorder

Samsung HMX-F80 announced earlier in CES last month, now gets officially release in Korea. The HMX-F80 is an affordable compact HD camcorder having family-friendly features. In order to remind the features that were disclosed in the show earlier include:

  • 2.7-inch LCD display with 230k pixels
  • 1/3.2″ 5M pixel CMOS Sensor
  • 65x intelli-zoom
  • 52x optical zoom
  • 1280 x 720 30p video recording
  • Smart Background Music II
  • HDMI out

Through HDMI out the video can be scaled up to 1080i on any HDTV, HD monitor, DVD player. Another smart feature of the camcorder is the BGM II which allows you to enjoy watching your memorable moments with the custom soundtrack.

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