Samsung EX2F Wireless Pro-Level Camera Is Now Available



Few months back in July Samsung announced its WiFi capable camera EX2F for those who want to enter into the pro-level photography. The camera is priced at much lower cost than the expected one.

The Samsung EX2F is one of point-and-shoot camera that comes with BSI CMOS sensor and WiFi enabled, on the other hand further additional specs announced recently in its press release showed that it is designed with Dual Optical and Digital Image Stabilization (OIS and DIS) and to avoid manual control to adjust exposure a front wheel key setup is provided for ease.

The light-weight and compact Samsung EX2F is also capable of capturing full HD videos at rate of 30 frames per second. It comes under some of those affordable cameras that come with quality features, so people who want to start some professional photography should have this Samsung digital camera. It is easily available from Amazon store at price of $449.

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