Ricoh PX – 16MP Rugged Waterproof, Shockproof, Dust-resistant Camera

Ricoh PX rugged digital camera

Ricoh has just introduced another of its point and shoot digital camera, the Ricoh PX, which is a rugged digital camera having 16MP image sensor and is strong enough to be dropped from a couple of feet height and even submerged in water. More details about the new Ricoh PX digital camera can be found below.

Ricoh PX rugged digital camera

As already mentioned above ,the new Ricoh PX rugged digital camera has 16Mp sensor and it has been made shockproof, dust-resistant as well as waterproof to some extent. It can survive a drop from a 5 feet height, can be submerged up to 10 feet depths of water and still take photos and is also resistant to dust, sand and other foreign particles. The display on the Ricoh PX rugged phone is 2.7 inch scratch-resistant display. This rugged point and shoot digital camera has an optical zoom of 5x which is fair enough for a 16 mega pixel camera. The camera comes with protective silicone sleeves that are available in five attractive colors.

The new Ricoh PX rugged digital camera will be available in stores by the end of Jun 2011 for a price of $300 AUD or roughly $317 USD.

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