Ricoh GR Limited Edition Digital Camera Only 5000 Units Worldwide

Ricoh GR limited edition

Ricoh GR limited edition

Ricoh has just announced the release of the Ricoh GR Limited Edition digital camera. The basic camera functions are the same as the standard Ricoh GR camera then what’s so special about this limited edition. Read below to find out.

The Ricoh GR Limited Edition digital camera is made for those fashion conscious people who also care how their cameras look in their hands as well. This limited edition camera has stylish green wave-patterned body plus an elegant looking shutter-release button and ring cap. The wood-grain finish enhances its appearance.

The Ricoh GR Limited Edition digital camera comes with its own set of exclusive accessories such as hood and adapter with elegant shrink coating and brown color genuine leather case with strap. The camera comes with latest firmware as well.

There will be only 5000 units of the new Ricoh GR Limited Edition which will start shipping worldwide starting from mid-November. It will have a retail price of £699.99 in the UK and $899.99 in the US. It is available at Amazon for much less, see details.


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