Ricoh CX5 Super Zoom Camera with Quick AF

Ricoh CX5 Super Zoom Camera with Quick AF

Ricoh’s new CX5 compact camera is another addition to the super zoom cameras with fast auto focus feature. The 10 megapixel CX5 camera is designed with CMOS sensor having 10.7x (28-300mm equiv.) zoom lens. Its major difference from the CX4 version is that it has Hybrid Auto Focus feature that causes ultra-fast autofocus speed up to just two-tenths of a second.

Ricoh CX5
The other CX5 has 920k dot 3 inch LCD on which you can record up to 720p HD video. The camera is build with Super Resolution setting and Super Resolution Zoom; it increases the focal length up to 600mm which is almost double the original length, hence it is also called super zoom camera that can closely capture the photo clearly from the distance.

It is a modified version of CX4 with additional fast AF and Super Zoom features. It will be launched first in the UK market during the month of February 2011 at price of $413 (£260) and available in three different colors including black, silver, and pink.

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  1. You dont need to be on safari to appreciate the benefits of a big zoom range in fact the target audience for many of the cameras in this group is whats known in the US as the soccer mom market and in the last few years the super zoom sector has grown dramatically with at least one model in most manufacturers lineup. Its easy to see the appeal of superzoom cameras when you look at these two shots both taken from the same position within seconds of each other. One of the advantages of a smaller sensor is that compared to an SLR you need a much smaller lens and its possible to fit a huge 10x 12x or even higher zoom range into something small enough to be considered portable.

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