Praktica Digital Camera With Touch Pad Controls

Previous week we posted a review on Praktica’s Underwater digital camera and today we have another 5.0 mega pixel digital camera from Praktica DPix series. If you are a big fan of touch screen navigation then we are sure you are gonna love this Praktica digital camera.
Praktica Digital Camera

Like most of the other digital cameras, this Praktica digital camera also has a TFT LCD display which is about 2.4 inches in size and has touch pad controls. Unlike other digital cams, there are no buttons present in thisPraktica DPix camera because all the interface and controlling is done by touch screen navigation which is very similar to those touch screen mobile phones.

This Praktica digital camera is of 5.0 mega pixel and can take images with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1920. It has an internal memory of 16 MB which cab be upgraded via external memory card of up to 8 GB. ThePraktica DPix digital camera also has a microphone for recording videos along with audio.

Praktica DPix 5300 Digital camera

The touch pad controls on this Praktica camera are really cool and very straight forward to use. The camera only has one single button and that is for activating the shutter. The camera also has a built in flash light for taking photos in low light conditions. The camera only measures 5.8 x 8.5 x 2.6cm and will fit nicely in your pocket.

The Praktica DPix 5300 digital camera requires 3 x AAA batteries and comes with a pouch, strap, USB cable and necessary software. Because of the cool touch pad feature in this digital camera we rate it 8/10.

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