Pentax WG-10 Rugged Digital Camera Announced

Pentax WG-10 rugged camera

Pentax WG-10 rugged camera

Pentax has just announced a few more rugged point and shoot digital cameras, the Pentax WG-10 is one of them. The WG-10 digital camera is a mid-range point and shoot camera equipped with a 14MP image sensor and 5X optical zoom capability. The Pentax WG-10 digital camera is not only shock proof and dust proof but it is also water proof and can continue to take pictures up to 33ft deep under water. The Pentax WG-10 can also continue to shoot images and videos even at very low temperatures which is a plus to have specially if you have freezing temperatures and snow falling all around you.

Fortunate enough for consumers, the Pentax WG-10 when released in April 2013 will not be heavy on your pockets as it will have a price tag of $179.95 only.


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