PENTAX Revealed Built-To-Order 645D DSLR Camera


PENTAX after receiving lots of appreciation from around the globe and getting the Camera Grand Prix Japan 2011 “Camera of the Year” award, it is planning to introduce another advanced function DSLR camera which will be available for limited edition.


The latest PENTAX 645D DSLR camera body is designed with:

  • Lacquer-finished
  • Matching leather strap
  • 645D Body Mount Cap
  • DS-80 Center-Spot-Matte Focusing Screen
  • Paulownia-wood box packaging

On the other hand its camera features include:

  • 40-megapixels sensor
  • Large CCD sensor
  • Dust-proof, weather-resistant body and can work in temperatures as low as 10°C

PENTAX offer its availability as built-to-order strategy as it will available for limited edition. According to this strategy customer can receive the camera after four months from the date of order. It will be available soon for pre-orders at PENTAX webs tore.

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