MUVI – Mini Digital Camcorder

When you are on ride or doing skating and want to capture such events then the one and only thing which can memorize these events is your digital camera, but generally most of the digital cameras are bulky and difficult to carry while moving, so Veho has introduced the mini digital camcorder which is the world’s smallest digital camera with stunning features.

Mini digital camcorder

Due to its compact size and weight it can easily attach with your pocket and record video while traveling no matter you are riding on your bike in high speed, it records video clearly. This mini digital camcorder is capable of recording clear videos under low light which may not be taken by other digital dv camcorder. This mini digital camcorder can also be used as webcam for that you need to connect it with your pc using a USB cable provided.

The camera comes with some basic accessories including

* Micro camcorder
* 2Gb micro SD card
* Charger
* USB cable
* Webcam software
* Spring mounting clip
* Neck chain
* Carrying pouch
* Users manual

This portable mini digital camcorder is perfect for sports enthusiasts and adventurous people as its high speed recording gives clear recording of videos. Its sports pack comes with some additional straps and clips so that you can safely carry it everywhere and record video.

Mini camcorder unboxing

Though the provided memory is not sufficient enough to record a large video but you can extend it upto 8GB. Its 2MP camera capable of recording video and audio continuously for two hours. PC interface USB cable allows you to upload videos from the camcorder and share your adventurous moments with others. The video shown here will clearly describe you how it works and its sample video would help you to better understand its camera results.