MINOX Unleashes Quad Lens MINOX PX3D 3D Digital Camera


People might think that a dual lens camera is not enough for taking true 3D images so MINOX decided to invent their own true 3D camera. The MINOX PX3D is a 3D camera that is equipped with four lenses each of 5.0 mega pixel capacity and 9mm focal length.


The MINOX PX3D camera gives new meaning to 3D photography concept, although we still think that the orientation of lenses could have been improved in order to take true 360 degree 3D images. Each of the four lenses shoot photos at the same time and the three dimensional photos are stored in AVI format which can be previewed on the camera LCD screen. The good thing about these images will be that you do not require 3D glasses to view the true 3D image, this is what the company claims.

The MINOX PX3D camera can also shoot 2D images. The new camera might become available in summer of 2011 for 500 EUR or around $680.

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